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Emily is a writer.

Plays can be found on New Play Exchange


Full length, 4F/4M, 120 minutes.

A girl from nowhere marries her rich classmate from college—and all of her friends think they know why she did it. A story of obsession, ambition, addiction, and greed; of choosing between what you want and what you need; and of what it takes to have power in America. Loose retelling of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler.

  • Workshop Production: Columbia University School of the Arts

  • Finalist: Emerson Stages NewFest New Play Workshop

  • Finalist: Circle in the Square Theatre School Emerging Writer's Residency

Full length, 5 any, 75 minutes.

In a far-off future where humanity is hanging by a thread, a group of traveling storytellers reenact three stories from the Brothers Grimm: The Three Snake LeavesFaithful Johannes, and The Robber Bridegroom. Interwoven with live folk music. Developed with director Sam Gibbs and Stairwell Theater Company.

  • Workshop Production: Columbia University School of the Arts

  • Workshop Production: Edinburgh Fringe Festival (upcoming)


Full length, 4F, 90 minutes.

Four students at Sacred Heart Academy for Girls tangle themselves in their fears, obsessions, identities, and faiths as they battle for a place on the coveted Sacred Heart Church Counsel. 

  • Winner: Players Club of Swarthmore New Play Festival

  • Semifinalist: Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival

  • Reading: Players Club of Swarthmore

  • Reading: Women's Theater Festival

  • Developmental Workshop: Macha Theatre Works

  • Developmental Workshop/Staged Reading: Broad Views on Broadway

  • Reading: No Man's Land Theatre Company

ssos finals.jpg

Full Length, 2F/1M, 90 minutes

A woman desperate to do good in the wake of grief returns to her Pacific Northwest town to visit her childhood friend, who has been struck by unexpected tragedy.

  • Workshop Production: Columbia University School of the Arts

  • Reading: Valdez Theatre Conference

  • Reading: Alaska World Arts Festival


Full Length, 2F/4M, 90 minutes

A Girl goes on a fantastic journey to retrieve her Boy, who has been kidnapped by God. 

  • Winner: Frank Moffett Mosier Fellowship for Works in Heightened Language from Synecdoche Works

  • Workshop: Synecdoche Works

  • Reading: Production Workshop



Full Length, 4F/3M, 75 minutes

Part folk musical, part ritual performed by actor-musicians. A baby in a struggling rural community has just died, and the parishioners of the church gather to celebrate, judge, and unravel her life.


Sappington! [or] The Lamentations and Tribulations of Butlerhood

One-Act, 3 - 6F/4 - 7M, 45 minutes

Barnabus Sappington is in therapy. His therapist, Dr. Robinson, isn't very good at his job, but is very good at interrupting his client's stories. We piece together Sappington's past and meet the many previous families he worked for, including a murderous 8 year old, a group of retired Broadway actresses, and an expat from Spain escaping the law.

  • Production: Production Workshop

  • Production: St. Mary's Academy


The Top Ten Most Watched Dance Videos on YouTube

One-Act, 1F/1M, 45 minutes

A woman gives a TedTalk-style presentation on the actual top 10 most watched dance videos on YouTube, which slowly gets taken over by her own history with dance, competition, and injury.


Big Boom

One-Act,  1F/1M/2 any, 25 minutes

Raptor is a nihilist. Raptor has a vision that a comet is about to come crashing to earth. How does Raptor respond? By making musical theater, of course! 

  • Workshop Production: Columbia University School of the Arts


Becoming (Obsessed With) The Truth

One-Act,  1F/5 any, 25 minutes

Reflecting on the experiences of obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior, the play presents a fragmented, disoriented, and raw portrait of one character's life with mental illness and the people who intersect with it.


We're In Prison

Short, 2 any, 15 minutes

A prisoner knows that he's performing in front of an audience, but can't figure out why he can only say what's been written down in the script. A guard knows that there's a script, but doesn't see the audience in front of him. Huh?? ​

  • Winner: Horizon Theatre New South/Young Playwrights Contest

  • Production: Production Workshop

  • Production: Drama Society, Dunkalk Institute of Technology



Short, 3M, 10 minutes

How different is the version of you just one reality over from this one? A perfectly normal teenage boy is visited by a slightly different perfectly normal teenage boy, from one reality over. They're both visited by a slightly different slightly different perfectly normal teenage boy from one reality over in the other direction.

  • Workshop Production: Columbia University School of the Arts


War Story

Short, 1F/1M, 10 minutes

A series of short vignettes weave together a complex criticism of war and war culture, bringing in the perspective of children, parents, soldiers, and dictators. Features interludes of interpretive movement and an original song. 

  • Production: Manhattan Repertory Theatre

  • Production: Production Workshop

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